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American Jiffy Garment Ironing Machine Steam Machine Jiffy Steamer J-4000 (New Logo)

American Jiffy Garment Ironing Machine Steam Machine Jiffy Steamer J-4000 (New Logo)

The American JIFFY brand steam wrinkle remover was founded in 1940. Since then, with the tradition of home-made quality, JIFFY happy brand steam machines have been used in almost all types of enterprises in the clothing industry, hat industry, dry cleaning industry, cloth industry, curtain industry, and interior decoration. industry, industrial ranks and households, etc.


Iron up to five times faster with a professional JIFFY brand steamer than the alternative JIFFY, wrinkles are smoothed in an instant, without burning, and can be used on even the finest materials, even those that are difficult to reach with an iron.


From hats, wigs, clothes, curtains, wallpapers, chair cushions and even carpets, J-4000 is suitable for handling. The compact and portable design allows you to use it flexibly. The operation is also very simple, just fill the glue bottle with water, connect the power switch, and then there will be steam supply.

JIFFY brand J-4000 is specially designed for large-scale commercial use in industrial fabrics and apparel industry applications. It is durable and must-have garment steamer for any industry.


Jiffy Steamer's professional garment steamer J-4000 (with plastic nozzle) or J-4000M (with metal nozzle) is extremely easy to operate no matter what field of use. Clothes can be hung and leveled directly on the hanger, which saves time and is convenient (e.g. boutiques, warehouses, showrooms, studios). Garment steamers from Jiffy Steamer can also be a quick and easy way to remove folded sheets (e.g. for new collections/products) and can be of great help here.

Jiffy Steamer's Garment Steamer can also be used to smooth clothes, drapes and tablecloths instead of ironing or going to the cleaning shop.

Plus, Jiffy Steamer's Garment Steamer is effective at reducing allergens, bacteria, and odors in upholstered furniture or drapes.

When using the steamer, take the necessary precautions to keep children away from the steamer.


  • Features

    • Durable die-cast aluminum chassis
    • Built-in estimated water level gauge
    • Color coded high temperature wires
    • Setting the preheat and steam switches
    • Built-in anti-corrosion stainless steel water tank
    • 1500 watt heating element
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Safety automatic cut-off safety switch
    • Each water bottle can be filled with water for about 1.5 hours of steam
    • Assembly Accessory Wrench
    • 120/230 Volt optional
    • Available as accessories with multi-wire plug and steam head
    • Optional accessories metal head wooden handle
    • made in America
  • Comes with:

    • 1 year warranty
  • Fact Check:

    Dr. Zeng Qiyin (a specialist in infection and infectious diseases) indicated that the use of high-temperature steam can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. After use, just put the clothes in a ventilated place and blow them for one to two days.

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