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The company was established in 1984 to provide equipment installation and maintenance services for garment factories. Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong with showroom, retail shop and warehouse. We also have our support team and office in Shenzhen, China. We are proud to gain market recognition and develop into a specialty store offering a wide range of imported accessories for garments and garment factories.

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Core Value

"Customer-oriented" - is our mission

"Provide professional services" - is our aim

Paco will provide you with the most effective one-stop solution service and is your most loyal business partner 

Strong Market Network

Network all over the world With more than 20 years of market share, we are grateful for the continuous support of international brand suppliers. We import high-quality products from the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and other countries. We have also expanded our client base globally to serve manufacturing markets such as China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

All types of clothing products

We distribute all types of clothing equipment and accessories. The main categories include sticking machines, steam boilers, irons, dehumidifying ironing machines, needle detectors, cloth inspection machines, cleaning guns, gun cleaners, cleaning agents, automatic fading pens, testing instruments, sewing machines and sewing machine burs. We are working hard every day to update the product archives to meet your growing needs.

Horseback Riding

​​Maintenance and Repair

We provide customers with professional after-sales service and technical support. All technicians are well-trained and experienced, and have obtained Class A certificates recognized by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, and are able to provide maintenance services for all types of garment equipment.

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