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Taiwan Tenluxe Decontamination Cream Yingke Pollution 6.3g

Taiwan Tenluxe Decontamination Cream Yingke Pollution 6.3g

Inkcleaner® inkcleaner® is an important degreasing enhancer for spray guns. It can penetrate immediately and decompose such as ballpoint pen‧lipstick, ink, mobile , plant, mineral oil or soil stains can be sprayed off with a spray gun or washed with water. Please refer to Figure 6 for instructions.

  • Features:

    • Stains should be dealt with immediately when clothing is stained, the longer it soaks into the fabric fibers, the harder it will be to remove the stain after it has acidified. Tianyu Decontamination Cream should be 6.3g in a small package design, which can be carried around and deal with troublesome stains at any time. There is also a large package of household use Tianyu Decontamination Cream® GF 14g available for purchase.
    • Applicable industries/objects: garment industry, dress industry, clothing retail industry, silk weaving, chemical industry, patchwork, cloth inspection factory, bedding industry, home appliances, and office workers, etc.
    • Unsuitable objects: Non-oily stains, such as dye stains on clothing, or fabrics that have deteriorated due to severe mildew and yellow spots.
    • Made in Taiwan
  • Specification:

    Capacity: 6.3g / bottle
    Dimensions: Approx. 68 x 16 mm

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