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Taiwan Tianyu Tenluxe Siruxin® 101 202 303 404

Taiwan Tianyu Tenluxe Siruxin® 101 202 303 404

There are many types of stains, some stains can be removed by washing, while some stains cannot be treated in an easy way. Therefore, we have designed a series of washing-up cleaners for you to solve different stain problems.


• Siruxin®101 (animal and vegetable oil and macular lotion): 
   mainly decomposes macula, plant juice, tea juice, soy sauce and other stains caused by animal secretions on cotton fabrics.

• Siruxin®202 (rust remover): 
   Breaking down rust stains on textiles.

• Siruxin®303 (mechanical oil lotion): 
  Decomposes difficult animal and vegetable grease and lubricating oil stains on textiles.

• Siruxin®404 (whitening agent): 
   Breaks down white stains such as yellow spots or colored stains on textiles with fading properties.

•   combined usage:  
  Dye contamination can be done with Siruxin® 202 first, then add Siruxin® 404 after a few seconds. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat this process until the color disappears, and then wash off with water.

  • Instructions:

    Dot the cleaner on the stain, and wash it off with clean water after the stain is decomposed.

  • Specification:


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