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勝家牌 SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 多功能 鈒骨機 繃縫機 包邊機 Overlocker

勝家牌 SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 多功能 鈒骨機 繃縫機 包邊機 Overlocker


14T968DC 鈒骨機備有用單針/雙針作2線/3線/4線/5線包縫方式,為衣物及布藝品添加不同款式的細緻鎖邊。鈒骨機內置送布差, 令你輕鬆縫合不同布料。


The Professional 5 serger saves you time because it sews a seam and seam finish at the same time, while trimming away the excess seam allowance. Seams and seam finishes – just like you see on store-bought garments – are possible thanks to the serger. You can use 2 threads, 3 threads, 4 threads or 5 threads for a wide variety of stitch combinations.


Sew a narrow hem on a set of napkins, or stitch up a knit top with seams that stretch with the fabric without popping. Sew a decorative edge around a fleece blanket for an extra bit of flair.


This model also has a selection of cover stitches, which can be used to sew cover stitch hems – just like those on store-bought garments. Differential Feed allows you to sew super stretchy fabrics without the wavy distortion and sheers without puckering.


This model also has a wide range of extra presser feet to further expand this serger's capabilities. The Elastic Foot can add elastic to swimwear, lingerie or children's clothing, the Beading Foot will help you add beads for embellishing garments or home decor, and the Shirring Foot will help you gather a fabric and attach it to a flat fabric simultaneously – just to name a few! You'll love the professional results this serger gives your projects.

  • 產品特點:

    最高速度 每分鐘1300針
    包縫方式 可用單針/雙針作2線/3線/4線/5線包縫
    差動送布比 1 : 0.6 ~ 1.2
    密拷 支持
    送布差 已配備
    壓靴壓力調節 已配備
    綳縫功能 支持
    包/綳縫密度 2-4mm
    切刀寬度調節 支持


    上下鍘刀 已配備
    下彎針穿線 支持
    穿線指示圖 已配備
    送布調節 支持
  • 產品參數:

        •    電壓:220V 
        •    功率:105W
        •    機身尺寸:37*32*27CM
        •    重量: 9KG
        •    產地: 台灣

  • 保養:

    • 原廠保養二年
    • 商戶提供六個月保養服務
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