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Japan Shunfeng super degreasing spray 220cc SPYDRY

Japan Shunfeng super degreasing spray 220cc SPYDRY

Japan's Shunfeng brand super grease remover SPYDRY can remove the oil stains stained on the clothes, fast and effective, one spray to remove the stains, completely brush away the oil stains (no CFCs NO CFCs)

  • Product Details

    Origin: Japan
    Capacity: 220cc
    Application: For removing oily stains from textiles.
    Features: Strong decontamination ability, thorough and efficient, no need to overwater, convenient and fast, green and environmentally friendly.


  • Precautions

    • Do not use on raincoats or waterproof items, rubber or styrofoam products, fur products
    • Do not spray in eyes, keep out of reach of children
    • Do not store in high temperature place
    • Do not get close to fire, do not throw into fire after use
    • When used on printed fabrics, it is advisable to try it first to prevent fading
    • Do not get too close, or you may leave ring marks
  • Instructions


    1. Shake well before use, and spray the agent evenly on the oil stain at a distance of 20 cm
    2. After it is completely dry, gently brush off the white powder, and the oil stain will be removed.
    3. For stubborn stains, repeat the above steps.
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