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Taiwan Tianyu Tenluxe Electric Decontamination Spray Gun® B-1 Type Lightweight

Taiwan Tianyu Tenluxe Electric Decontamination Spray Gun® B-1 Type Lightweight

The high-speed action of the spray gun can reach 60 times per second. The key to the quality of its products depends on:

The structural design, materials used, manufacturing precision, and regular maintenance of the spray gun. Tianyu spray guns are composed of hundreds of fine parts, nearly a thousand processing processes, and strict quality control to ensure the highest quality.


Tianyu spray gun can spray stains quickly and effortlessly. Most of the oil stains or dust on the textiles do not need to be washed with water, and the decontamination can be quickly decontaminated with a spray gun, which saves the complicated hand washing process. It is especially suitable for occasions with medium and low workloads such as garment factories, weaving factories, and laundry shops.

  • Features:

    • The B-type lightweight model is Tianyu's innovative design, with a nylon shell, which presents a streamlined sense of strength and beauty as a whole.
    • Lighter in weight and excellent in handling.
    • Powerful, fuel-efficient and durable.
    • Made in Taiwan
  • Specification:

    • Power supply: AC (110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz)
    • Oiler capacity: 800cc
  • Instructions:

    1. Press the button switch for about 5 seconds to spray the spray liquid, about 10~20 cm away from the work object. The strength of spray liquid can be adjusted by distance.
    2. The water volume can also be adjusted. If the water volume adjustment knob is turned counterclockwise, the water output will be larger, otherwise, the water output will be smaller and the spray force will be weaker.
    3. When decontamination should be sprayed from the outer edge. For light products such as stain remover oil, the amount of water should be slightly adjusted to avoid excessive water amount and weak spraying power.
    4. When the nozzle is clogged, please remove the nozzle and spray it with a thin bamboo tip or another spray gun. Do not use a hard metal needle.  
  • Maintenance:

    After work every day or only spray once, it is also necessary to spray 5~10% needle car oil and solvent mixture to prevent the internal parts of the compression cylinder from rusting, and check whether the performance of the spray gun is 100% effective. Add 5 drops of lubricating oil for every 5 gallons of spray liquid used.

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